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Riverside Pool and Spa has teamed up with Great Lakes Hot Tubs to provide customers the ability to purchase some of the finest hot tub and swim spa options on the market today while also providing the most seamless installation service for these great products.

Purchasing a hot tub or a swim spa can have its complications as there is some groundwork that needs to be completed to ensure that the hot tub or swim spa selected will work for you and your set-up. We strive to make it easy for you. Here is what to do and what to expect when purchasing a Great Lakes Hot Tub or Swim Spa from us:

Step 1 – Select Your Model

Select your model from the list of available hot tubs here: (
Contact us to confirm price and availability of your selected model.

Step 2 – On Site Consultation

Prior to purchasing your hot tub or swim spa, we will book a free consultation with you to come and assess the area you have selected to have your hot tub or swim spa placed. We will make sure you have all the required components in place (both grading and electrical). If the required components are not in place, do not worry, we will work with you to ensure that these components are put in place by our great electrical and landscaping teams.

Step 3 – Order Confirmation and Installation

Once we have confirmed that the required components for your hot tub/swim spa are in place or will put be in place by our team, we will then proceed with ordering your hot tub/swim spa and work with Great Lakes Hot Tubs to have your hot tub/swim spa delivered, installed and running so that all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new purchase!