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Pool filters are a critical component to every pool as they remove bacteria, dirt, and debris, and generally keep pools looking great. Your filter performs its job alone which is why routine filter maintenance is critical to keep filters running at their absolute best. Pool filter not filtering fine particles could be a sign to get your swimming pool filter looked at.

Riverside Pool and Spa specialists are experienced in the installation, repair, and maintenance of a wide variety of pool water filtration systems. Our technicians keep filters functioning properly so that you and your guests can swim in healthy, transparent water at all times.

Pool Filter Maintenance
Our top-rated pool and spa filter maintenance service will keep your pool water free of impurities and excess chemicals. We undertake vigorous cleaning and maintenance routines to ensure that the filtration systems we are responsible for are functioning optimally. Whether it’s deep cleaning your cartridges for your cartridge filter, changing the sand in your sand filter, or deep cleaning your D.E filter by dissembling it and cleaning the grid, we are up to the task!

Pool Filter Repair
Experiencing common pool filter problems such as constant high pressure or sand from your filter coming into the pool? We can help. Our highly trained and enthusiastic technicians will run a battery of troubleshooting tests and fix the problem. We are familiar with all three types of filtration systems and have performed numerous repairs on all of them such as replacing cartridges in cartridge filters, replacing broken laterals in a sand filter, and replacing D.E grids.

Pool Filter Installation
We also help install different kinds of pool filters to suit the needs of your facility. There are three different types of filtration systems that pool owners can choose from:

Sand filters are the more affordable and popular choice for swimming pools. Water goes into the filter and forced through a layer of special pool-grade sand. The sand traps bacteria, dirt, and debris, and returns the filtered, clean and clear water back to the pool.

Eventually, all of the bacteria, dirt, and debris trapped in the sand will build up in the filter causing the pressure in the filter to increase. When this happens, it’s time to backwash your filter.

Backwashing is a simple process that requires a switch in the multi-port valve to reverse the water flow, which then frees the trapped bacteria, dirt, and debris from the sand which is then pushed out to waste. All sand filters have a pressure gauge. You’ll need to backwash when the filter pressure gauge reads approximately 10 psi over normal operating pressure.

Sand filters tend to be more efficient when there are some bacteria, dirt and debris already trapped in the system, therefore it is best not to backwash your sand filter too often. Your backwashing schedule will vary depending on factors like the size of your pool and how often you use it.

In addition to backwashing your sand filter, you should also use a specially formulated filter cleaner at least once a year to degrease and deep clean the filter system.

When to replace pool sand filter?

You should also completely replace the sand once every five years as the edges around each sand particle in the filter system wear down over time reducing the filtration efficiency of the sand in the filter. A dirty or leaking pool filter could mean it’s time to for a replacement.

Cartridge filters use removable cartridges to capture impurities in pool water. These types of filters operate at a lower pressure than sand filters meaning they are a slightly more efficient option than sand filters. Cartridge filter systems do cost more upfront than sand filters but do require much less maintenance than sand filters.

Cleaning a cartridge filter is very simple in that all you have to do is remove the cartridge from the filter housing, rinse it off with a garden hose, and place it back in the filter housing. It is best practice to clean the cartridge every couple of weeks and replace the cartridge itself every three to five years.

D.E filters are similar to sand filters in that they both use a fine, granular filter media and they both require backwashing when the pressure gets too high. However, there are two key differences. These types of filters do not have to be backwashed as frequently as sand filters and new D.E needs to be added each time the filter is backwashed compared to being fully replaced every five years.

Diatomaceous earth filters are a more expensive option, however, they are the most efficient type of filter of the three types as they can filter bacteria, dirt, and debris particles down to 4 microns compared to a cartridge filter that can filter down to 15 microns and rapid-rate sand that filters down to 50 microns.

Pool Filter Sizes

Getting the right filter size is just as important as getting the right type of filter. The right size pool filter will maintain the quality of water with ease. Having an undersized filter for your pool can result in some critical issues for your pool and filtration system. Below are some issues that could arise should an undersized filter be installed for your pool:

Dirt material would be driven further into the layer of sand, which would make cleaning the sand more difficult during a backwash. In addition, the amount of water pushing through the layer of sand would cause a significant amount of stress on the filter causing channeling where water bypasses the sand resulting in unfiltered water returning to the pool.

Dirt, minerals, and oils would be driven into and through the cartridge and back into the pool causing particles to become embedded so deeply into the cartridge that it would be extremely difficult for them to be rinsed out during cleaning.

Dirt, minerals and oils would be driven into the grid cloth and cause the D.E to stick to the close. Some of this D.E will not be released from the grid cloth during a backwash causing an increase in force on the grid element shortening its lifespan.

Our team will help choose a model and size that is best for you based on your requirements.