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A pool is a big investment to your home, and it is essential that proper maintenance schedules are followed to get the most out of your pool. At Riverside Pool and Spa, we offer a few options for maintenance that can be viewed on our season packages page. 

We approach maintenance in two phases called: inspection and routine maintenance.


During the inspection phase, we will assess to make sure all the pool equipment is running efficiently and safely. Standard equipment to be checked are the pool pumps and motors, heaters, pool filters, water loss, and the appearance of the water. If a part is deemed to be needing replacement, we will take care of providing a quote and doing the repair/installation for you.

Routine Maintenance

Water Chemistry

To start we will check your water chemistry for pH balance, disinfectant levels (Free Available Chlorine), Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids using the Langelier Saturation Index. A drop or a rise in pH levels, or a drop in disinfectant, can cause a multitude of issues to the pool system itself. Therefore, we will add the necessary chemicals to balance the water chemistry of your pool.

Water Levels

We will assess the level of water in the pool to make sure there is an adequate amount so that the pool skimmer is working optimally. If your pool water is to low the skimmer will start to suck up to much air putting a strain on the pool pump and thus causing it to burn out.


A very important maintenance item, yet often overlooked, is brushing. The amount of brushing required for a specific pool varies. Essentially, the more dirt and foliage around your pool the more brushing will be required. Through brushing, the goal is to dislodge debris and biofilm build-up on the sides of the pool to improve the efficacy of the disinfectant and reduce the change in the water chemistry.


The goals of vacuuming your pool are to clean up and debris at the bottom of the pool left over from brushing or daily use. Through vacuuming, you will prevent the potential buildup of algae; which feeds off of the debris that settles on the pool walls and floor.

Scum Line

Through daily use of your pool a natural film, called a scum line, will start to produce through a collection of oils and dirt. This can lead to bacterial and algae growth and needs to be cleaned in order to run a healthy safe pool.


At the end of our service visit, we will provide our customers with a full email report through our Skimmer Software of all work completed including water chemistry, chemicals added, any findings during inspection etc. We believe in keeping an open line with all our customers. The swim season in Canada is short enough and our goal is to ensure your pool is running at its full potential with very minimal to no downtime during the season which is why this open line of communication is a critical part of our service visits